Ways to lower your California homeowners premiums

Here at Brighton Financial, we strive to keep our clients premiums as low as possible.  We will work hard to find you the right combination of price, coverage and service for your California home insurance needs.

Here are a few things that can lower your homeowners insurance premiums:
  1. Any upgrades you can do to your electrical, roofing or plumbing.
  2. Continue to have claim-free histories.
  3. Use independent agent like Brighton to shop several companies to find you the best rate.
  4. Combine your home and auto policies for additional discounts.
  5. Install alarms, deadbolts, or sprinklers.
  6. Paying your premiums in full.
  7. Make sure you have the right coverage for the valuables in your home and don’t have too much coverage resulting in higher premiums.
  8. Increasing of your deductibles.
Let Brighton give you a quote today to see if we can find a package that’s right for your needs.