Workers Compensation Insurance

In California, workers compensation insurance is mandated by the state. As a California business owner you need to have the right coverage for your workers. When looking for workers comp insurance, many factors are involved in choosing the right policy.
  1. The number of employees is a main factor. Since workers comp is required for each employee, the number of employees is a main factor in determining coverage and price.  The cost of payroll is also a factor in price and coverage.
  2. Risks of work related injuries.  A higher risk work environment will relate to higher costs of your workers compensation policy.  Many businesses will try to make the workplace safer in order to obtain a better rate on coverage.
  3. Previous claims.  A big determining factor in costs is the past claims and the cost of those past claims made by a company. 
By forming a safer work place environment, you can cut the cost on your workers compensation insurance in California.  Get a quote here.